It’s never too late – Thanking Pooja for the One Lovely Blog Award

On 16th July 2012,  dear Pooja (owner of the awesome Parashar’s Tales) nominated my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award!

Since my life has become busy like a bee (because of which I have not been able to blog lately),  I was unable to post this beautiful felicitation on my blog.

I realize that several days have passed since then, but it’s never too late to say thank you.

Pooja’s message for my blog nomination:

“I am honoured to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Please pick-up your award at Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. I am very aware that some people do not wish to participate in Awards, and I completely respect that… no strings! But in any case, Congratulations, you have a Lovely Blog.”

The rules for this Award are as follows:

1. Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

2. Describe 7 things about yourself.

3.Nominate 15 other bloggers.

Fulfilling Rule 1:

Dear Pooja, a very warm and heartfelt thank you. You have a fabulous blog, and it’s a delight to know you! I am a little late in thanking you but nevertheless I am really grateful for this wonderful surprise.

Fulfilling Rule 2:

  1. I am a loquacious creature! Sometimes I talk to myself. 😀
  2. I want to write ceaselessly, and how much ever I write I think it’s not enough!
  3. I am an early bird, and love to look at the sunrise.
  4. I am addicted to reading, so much that the smell of books acts as a sedative for me. How much ever I read, I think there are loads of books still left to read.
  5. I dance as if no one is watching me, and when I dance I think about nothing else.
  6. Mystery, history, and artistry attract me like giant magnets. And, of course there is another giant magnet that draws me into it – delicious food; I have to say that my sense of taste is more evolved than any other sense. 😀
  7. I have a world of my own wherein I get lost time and again.

Fulfilling Rule 3:

Here are 15 bloggers whom I am nominating for this award:

Happy Blogging to everyone. 🙂


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