The Ganga, As I Know Her

“Om Gangayeh Namah!” my mother chants everyday as she emerges from her bath every morning. She continues with the chanting as she offers waters to the Gods during her prayers. She hails the Ganga as the divine goddess who nurtures the earth with her holy waters. I grew up listening to the pious hymns of… Continue reading The Ganga, As I Know Her

Being Mom

19th March, 2008-Riddhima, my niece was born. Six months later my sister joined her work back after a sabbatical and for the first time Riddhima was left to me and I had to take care of her all by my own. I still remember holding her in my arms, tightly cuddled on to me when… Continue reading Being Mom

In the Lap of Chail

 It was a chilly December morning in Delhi. A slender beam of sunlight peered into Kaisha’s room through the window above her bed. The sunbeam was warming up her feet which were indolently floating out of her blanket. Kaisha was fast asleep and the warmth of the sunbeam seemed to mollycoddle her in the cold.… Continue reading In the Lap of Chail