Living on the Edge

It was one of those late Friday evenings when you are ready to embrace the weekend after work. I was hastening to the subway to catch a train home. In the subway I found a group of people who were putting in herculean efforts for a little attention from the rushing commuters. You must be… Continue reading Living on the Edge

The Day of Freedom Beckons

When the midnight clock struck 12, and the day of 15th August 1947 began,  ‘India awoke to life and freedom’. The whole country must have been awake that night to hear ‘India’s tryst with Destiny’ by its first Prime Minister, and also to witness the sunrise of freedom after more than hundred years of foreign… Continue reading The Day of Freedom Beckons

The Generation Portal

My father is an aficionado, the activity for the addiction being newspaper reading. He reads the forty something paged newspaper with a delight incomparable. Being his daughter I believe my genes were crafted just as his when it comes to reading the newspaper, the only difference being I generally prefer a modest scan of the… Continue reading The Generation Portal

The Book Bug vis-à-vis the Tech-Bug

The evocation for this vox pop struck me from an online conversation with a friend of mine, a couple of weeks ago. The colloquy was about “The Shadow Lines”, a book by Amitav Ghosh that I am reading currently. Both of us have a penchant for reading and possess avarice for books. Always trusting my… Continue reading The Book Bug vis-à-vis the Tech-Bug

Being Mom

19th March, 2008-Riddhima, my niece was born. Six months later my sister joined her work back after a sabbatical and for the first time Riddhima was left to me and I had to take care of her all by my own. I still remember holding her in my arms, tightly cuddled on to me when… Continue reading Being Mom