About Lopascribes

Lopascribes is a concoction of the sundry emotions and imaginations that hover in my mind, and of the experiences that have influenced my life in some way or the other. An incident or a thought that has the power to clout my intellect buds as a new post here. Writing is an immensely pleasurable endeavor for me. It helps me think, work and relax.

I have created four categories for my posts in assortment viz Impressions, Stories, Vox Pop, People, and Book Reviews.

The Impressions category covers write-ups about experiences  and involvements that have had an impact on my life or touched my heart or shaped me as an individual so far.

The  Stories category includes fictional write-ups where I open my mind’s eye to portray characters and places to tell a tale. The stories draw their inspiration from life as it greets me everyday and from people I come across in the voyage of life.

The Vox Pop category as its name suggests, comprises of  opinions and views of various themes. I take up subjects that raise questions in my mind and when I feel the need to discuss them with my readers.

The Insights  category contains my opinion on the books I read. It’s a recent category that I added.

The People category is yet another category that I have started recently. Here  I write accounts of people and characters from books who fascinate me, and whom I look up to.

I encourage the readers of the blog to post their comments regarding the posts they read as it helps me analyze my writing and improve on my skill further.

A reader helps make a writer!!

Happy Reading!!!


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